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BBWN Bites: States scramble to spend CARES cash
Broadband World News  
8/7/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: CityFibre rollouts; Italy to create a single broadband network; Vermont gets a broadband union; ‘Call of Duty’ causes traffic surge.
Virgin Media crowns itself UK gigabit king
Broadband World News  
8/6/2020   Post a comment
In serving its Gig1 network to 3.6 million premises, Virgin Media tops Openreach as the largest gigabit provider and furthers its goal of reaching 15 million homes.
Ukrtelecom takes on Ukraine's new rural broadband target
Broadband World News  
8/4/2020   Post a comment
Following a four-year rural broadband target set by the Ukrainian government, Ukrtelecom has announced its plan to roll out FTTP for 2.6 million more homes.
BBWN Bites: Amazon approved for 'Project Kuiper'
Broadband World News  
7/31/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Zayo doubles Tennessee fiber; Eutelsat eats up Bigblu's satellite activities; and Ofcom calls out UK operators.
Openreach building to 3.2M premises in UK 'final third'
Broadband World News  
7/29/2020   Post a comment
Over 3 million hard-to-reach premises in the UK will benefit from FTTP, according to new plans from Openreach.
MaxLinear nears finish line on Intel buy
Jeff Baumgartner  
7/28/2020   Post a comment
Anticipating a strong Q3 driven by cable data 'tailwinds,' the chipmaker also expects to wrap up its acquisition of Intel's home gateway biz in the period.
BBWN Bites: Speed standard 'useless, harmful,' says EFF to FCC
Broadband World News  
7/24/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Earnings from AT&T, TalkTalk; Orange to bring satellite Internet to France; fast Internet gets to rural Alaskans; Openreach expands.
Smart Parking in Ohio may help with COVID-19 tracking
Broadband World News  
7/21/2020   Post a comment
Announcing the launch of a Smart Parking pilot application in Dublin, Ohio, Fujitsu said the solution brought an unanticipated benefit of helping track quarantine efforts.
Verizon signals fiber future with successful 800G test
Broadband World News  
7/20/2020   Post a comment
Verizon confirmed that it successfully tested an 800Gbit/s connection with vendor Infinera.
BBWN Bites: Fiber goes west
Broadband World News  
7/17/2020   Post a comment
In this roundup: Regions of the UK and western US see new fiber rollouts and network launches, spearheaded by CityFibre, Openreach, Crosslake Fibre, Google and TDS.
Full fiber to roll deeper into rural Northern Ireland
Broadband World News  
7/16/2020   Post a comment
Openreach announced an additional 94 rural towns where it will expand full FTTP in the next two years, pushing connectivity as essential to Northern Ireland's COVID-19 recovery.
Crosslake Fibre gets set to dive into English Channel
Broadband World News  
7/14/2020   Post a comment
The fiber-optic subsea cable connecting the UK and France, dubbed CrossChannel Fibre, will reportedly be ready for service in late 2021.
Charter's RDOF plan could target 2.5M homes
Jeff Baumgartner  
7/13/2020   Post a comment
By participating in the RDOF auction, the cable op is poised to broaden its footprint to adjacent rural areas and apply pressure on telcos such as CenturyLink and Frontier.
Frontier pays for probe into hidden fees, 'misrepresentation' of Internet speeds
Jeff Baumgartner  
7/10/2020   Post a comment
Already in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the telco will fork over $900,000 to resolve an investigation by the Washington state Attorney General's office.
BBWN Bites: The return of Google Fiber
Broadband World News  
7/10/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: New report explores broadband business models; California nonprofit calls for 'one gigabit or bust'; KCOM, ADVA go full steam for full fiber in Hull; Internet balloons go live over Kenya.
Loon goes live in Kenya
Broadband World News  
7/8/2020   Post a comment
Loon is now providing Internet service to Telkom Kenya subscribers, representing the first application of balloon-powered Internet in Africa.
MTN is fastest South African network during lockdown – report
Broadband World News  
7/8/2020   Post a comment
A new report from MyBroadband Insights rates MTN as South Africa's best network during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Openreach goes live for 80K premises in Edinburgh
Broadband World News  
7/7/2020   Post a comment
Openreach announced that FTTP service is officially available for 80,000 homes and businesses in Edinburgh, with further work restarting in areas where COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have eased.
Podcast: What’s the story with mobile data in Africa?
Broadband World News  
7/3/2020   Post a comment
Connecting Africa Editor Paula Gilbert joins Light Reading's 'What's the Story?' podcast to discuss the latest news around mobile data and broadband subscriptions in South and Sub-Saharan Africa.
BBWN Bites: RIP to FCC pledge to Keep Americans Connected
Broadband World News  
7/3/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Virgin Media launches gigabit services in Edinburgh and Liverpool; rural Mississippi gets the 'equivalent of the initial delivery of electricity' with broadband legislation; and the Georgia Broadband Availability Map reveals huge disparities.
Podcast: US Ignite touts brave new broadband business models
Broadband World News  
7/1/2020   Post a comment
US Ignite's Mari Silbey talks about how cities and companies can provide broadband to residents in underserved areas with hybrid network business models.
LR's Cable Next-Gen event is going virtual
Alan Breznick  
7/1/2020   Post a comment
Instead of staging our usual in-person conference in Denver, we will now conduct a free, digital event over two full days in late August.
Emergency Broadband Connections Act enters frame as pandemic drags on
Jeff Baumgartner  
6/30/2020   Post a comment
New bill arrives as FCC Chairman's voluntary connectivity pledge with ISPs reaches its expiration date.
BBWN Bites: Nokia named MVP of NBP
Broadband World News  
6/26/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Ofcom breaks down UK Internet activity during pandemic; some ISPs extend some of their COVID-19 measures; and the EFF urges US lawmakers to pass a universal fiber plan.
Virgin Media sees a day of downtime, delays and hiccups
Broadband World News  
6/25/2020   Post a comment
Two separate service outages in Virgin Media's network left thousands of homes in the UK without TV and Internet services for hours on Thursday.
BBWN Bites: Civil rights leaders call out US 'broadband emergency'
Broadband World News  
6/19/2020   Post a comment
Also in today's roundup: High-speed projects get rolling in Leicester and Wells; fiber drives telecom investment in France; global broadband market sees significant growth; and cable's upstream is still working overtime in the COVID-19 era.
Cable to blaze a long trail to its DAA future
Jeff Baumgartner  
6/16/2020   Post a comment
Cable adoption of a distributed access architecture has slowed during the pandemic, but execs believe DAA fits well with the long-term success of the HFC networks.
BBWN Bites: BT eyes bucks from backup bandwidth
Broadband World News  
6/12/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Starlink satellites meet minimum standards; CityFibre plans hiring spree for network expansion; FTTH Council Europe sets its priorities; and survey says US broadband is too expensive and slow.
TalkTalk posts solid fiscal year, helped by fiber growth
Broadband World News  
6/11/2020   Post a comment
Strong fiber growth and cost savings helped UK broadband provider TalkTalk post robust results for fiscal 2020.
BBWN Bites: The Iliad and the Italy
Broadband World News  
6/5/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Starry secures a place in the US broadband market; fixed-line subscriptions decrease in South Africa; and FCC commissioner calls out inequities in broadband and media ownership in wake of protests.
BBWN Bites: Wireless providers reject House broadband bill with a loud WISPA
Broadband World News  
5/29/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: GSMA shares impact of broadband surges on power usage; AT&T intros WFH service plan; Texas group taps Adtran for fiber build in 14 rural counties; and analysts say FTTH still trails cable in market share.
Kids drove up broadband demand in April – report
Broadband World News  
5/27/2020   Post a comment
New research from The Diffusion Group (TDG) shows that US broadband appetite increased in April relative to the number of children at home.
BBWN Bites: FCC knocks Elon Musk back down to Earth
Broadband World News  
5/22/2020   Post a comment
Also in today's roundup: Openreach taps non-Chinese equipment vendors to build out its network; the Swiss to get a $3.1B helping of fiber through a new JV; and SiFi Networks secures more capital from Smart City Infrastructure Fund to pursue FiberCity builds in the US.
BBWN Bites: AT&T suggests stronger appetite for fiber
Broadband World News  
5/15/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: New subsea cable network will span Africa, the Middle East and Europe; Adtran, Openreach partner to expand full fiber across UK; Ofcom shares its glimpse into pandemic-level broadband activity; and US ISPs turn to Congress to pay the broadband bills.
BBWN Bites: UK could go Cuckoo for faster Internet
Broadband World News  
5/8/2020   Post a comment
Also in today's roundup: OpenVault reports COVID-19 Internet usage numbers; US House Democrats propose $86 billion broadband bill; ExteNet, Nokia help reach rural Californians; and Google bails on Toronto smart city project.
WCTEL ramps up remote assistance to keep homes fiber-fed
Broadband World News  
5/7/2020   Post a comment
As COVID-19 creates a rising demand for reliable broadband, rural service providers like WCTEL are increasingly reliant on remote network access and insights.
BBWN Bites: Broadband outages reach record highs
Broadband World News  
5/1/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Nextgenaccess and Bluebird complete fiber builds; Comcast forecasts a Q2 COVID-19 hit; state lawmakers plea for broadband bucks in US; and New Zealand commits millions to rural broadband.
Podcast: Orange Business Services CEO Helmut Reisinger on coping with COVID-19
Broadband World News Video  
4/30/2020   Post a comment
OBS CEO Helmut Reisinger and SVP of Customer Services and Operations Aliette Mousnier Lompre discuss keeping customers connected and adapting quickly during the pandemic.
COVID-19 data surge is wake-up call for cable's weak upstream
Jeff Baumgartner  
4/29/2020   Post a comment
Cable's lithe upstream pipe survived recent data spikes, but the increased demand is accelerating discussions about 'mid-splits' and other moves that would expand and augment the HFC upstream, CommScope exec says.
Podcast: Plume looks at how we work from home
Broadband World News  
4/13/2020   Post a comment
Plume CMO Todd Grantham talks about what his company is learning by looking at data from more than 700 million computers, smartphones and entertainment devices on Plume's service provider customer networks.
RtBrick unveils broadband network gateway software
Broadband World News  
4/6/2020   Post a comment
Virtualized function specialist offers up broadband network gateway software as the first use case for its routing code.
COVID-19 means game on – ABI Research
Broadband World News  
3/26/2020   Post a comment
Research outfit predicts sharp increase in cloud gaming revenue.
Coronavirus and connectivity
Fiber Broadband Association  
3/25/2020   Post a comment
Lisa R. Youngers, president and CEO of the Fiber Broadband Association, says the benefits of fiber access infrastructure become even more pronounced during times of crisis.
BBWN Bites: OneWeb adds birds, feels heat
Ray Le Maistre  
3/24/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Streamers ease off; Danes boost broadband availability; Veego teams up with Amdocs; Ukrtelecom takes GPON rural with Iskratel; and more.
Say hello to Ziply Fiber
Jeff Baumgartner  
3/20/2020   Post a comment
That'll be the new brand for the northwest operations of Frontier Communications soon to be acquired by WaveDivision Capital.
BBWN Bites: EU calls for HD restraint
Ray Le Maistre  
3/19/2020   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: RDK's popular; WBA assumes control of Cisco's OpenRoaming; Virgin Media offers gigabit to 1 million homes; and more.
BBWN Bites: Macquarie wins Cincinnati Bell bidding war
Ray Le Maistre  
3/17/2020   Post a comment
Also in this broadband sector roundup: European operators ask for the improbable; Calix boasts new deals; US firms react to COVID-19; UK new builds to get Gigabit minimum.
Frontier on the ropes
Broadband World News  
3/16/2020   Post a comment
As markets crash, Frontier's fortunes are falling even faster.
BBWN Bites: Cable increases its dominance of US broadband market
Ray Le Maistre  
3/9/2020   Post a comment
Also in this broadband sector news roundup: Italians at loggerheads; CityFibre shifts up a gear; UK's FTTH market linked to more funding; Canada's Xplornet snapped up for $2 billion.
Full fiber is France's fave broadband choice
Broadband World News  
3/6/2020   Post a comment
Superfast broadband expansion in France is powered by FTTH/B.
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