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Comment: Re: Factors - Ariella - 3/17/2018
Comment: Re: Changing Hands - bncet567 - 3/17/2018
Comment: Re: numbers - bncet567 - 3/17/2018
Comment: Re: numbers - bncet567 - 3/17/2018
Comment: Factors - afwriter - 3/16/2018
Comment: numbers - Ariella - 3/16/2018
Cable Beats Telcos in Broadband Market
Alison Diana  
3/15/2018   5 comments
US operators added 2.7 million broadband subscribers in 2017 while telcos lost about 625,000, according to Leichtman Research Group.
Comment: Changing Hands - afwriter - 3/13/2018
CenturyLink CEO Switch Moves Up 7 Months
Broadband World News  
3/12/2018   3 comments
Originally scheduled to retire at the end of 2018, CEO Glen Post now says he'll step down on the day of the company's annual shareholder meeting in May to make room for Jeff Storey to take over the large service provider's reins.
Pay-TV Subscriptions Fall but Providers Not Worried
Alison Diana  
3/12/2018   5 comments
There seems no end in sight for for plunging pay-TV revenue; from a two-year high of $101.71B, pay-TV revenues will decline to $75.13B by 2023, Digital TV Research predicts.
Comment: Re: A Rare Partnership - batye - 3/10/2018
Comment: Re: #4 - Joe Stanganelli - 3/9/2018
Comment: Re: #4 - Joe Stanganelli - 3/9/2018
Comment: A Rare Partnership - afwriter - 3/8/2018
Can Feds Finally Get 'Dig Once' Done?
Alison Diana  
3/8/2018   3 comments
The US is expected to finally approve a Dig Once policy that would incorporate fiber conduits in federally funded highway construction projects, simplifying and accelerating broadband deployment across the country.
Comment: Re: #4 - Joe Stanganelli - 3/8/2018
Comment: Re: #4 - DonBrowne - 3/7/2018
Comment: Re: #4 - batye - 3/4/2018
Comment: Re: #4 - mhhf1ve - 3/2/2018
Comment: #4 - Joe Stanganelli - 3/2/2018
Altice USA Revs Up for Broadband Battle
Alan Breznick  
3/1/2018   14 comments
Fourth-biggest US cable operator is now deploying both FTTH networks and, more quietly, DOCSIS 3.1 technology to offer gigabit speeds to nearly 30% of its data subscribers.
Comment: The Death of Cable? - afwriter - 3/1/2018
IPTV Benefits From Broadband Investments
Alison Diana  
3/1/2018   11 comments
Over the last 18 months, white-box IPTV vendor MobiTV sees uptick in sales and interest from cablecos, municipalities and utilities, as operators compete head-on with OTT providers and look to enhance customer experience.
Comment: $100 - Joe Stanganelli - 2/27/2018
Comment: Re: Cisco - srufolo1 - 2/26/2018
Comment: Cisco - freehe - 2/26/2018
Comment: Re: Savings - DonBrowne - 2/26/2018
Comment: Federal Funds - freehe - 2/25/2018
Comment: Indiana - freehe - 2/25/2018
Comment: Savings - freehe - 2/25/2018
Comment: Moving - freehe - 2/25/2018
Comment: Bipartisan - freehe - 2/25/2018
Comment: Funding - freehe - 2/25/2018
Comment: White House - freehe - 2/25/2018
Comment: Re: On the Prowl..... - Ariella - 2/25/2018
Cisco Network Automation Portfolio Targets Efficiency, Revenue, CX
Alison Diana  
2/21/2018   9 comments
As networks become larger, more complex and connect a growing number of devices, service providers must rely on automation technologies to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenue.
Trump: Give Rural Broadband Billions to States
Alison Diana  
2/21/2018   25 comments
Under the White House plan, President Trump will dole out 80% of the allotted $50 billion for rural infrastructure – or $40 billion – directly to state leaders, letting governors pick from areas such as broadband, power generation, water facilities or transportation.
Liberty Global Holds Back on DOCSIS 3.1
Alan Breznick  
2/20/2018   2 comments
Although it original planned to roll out DOCSIS 3.1 in late 2017, Liberty Global is still delaying deployments while it continues to bring its HFC networks up to speed.
BBWN Radio: How to Virtualize the Subscriber Experience
Alison Diana  
2/16/2018   6 comments
In a February 21 radio show, Jeremy Harris, director of subscriber solutions and experience at ADTRAN, will discuss how service providers can use SD-Access, virtualization, automation and other technologies to improve customer experience – thereby decreasing churn and boosting sales.
Comment: Re: Poor Costa Rica - batye - 2/14/2018
Comment: Challenges? - afwriter - 2/13/2018
Comment: Poor Costa Rica - afwriter - 2/13/2018

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Without end-to-end automation of the network, service providers cannot help customers – enterprise, government, manufacturing, healthcare – succeed and that's something testing vendors recognize and are acting upon.
US cable operators added 2.7 million broadband subscribers in 2017 while telcos lost about 625,000, according to Leichtman Research Group.
New bill would ban blocking, throttling, paid prioritization and most zero-rating practices.
The UK government unveiled the first 13 recipients of half the £190 million allotted for fiber-to-the-premise projects designed to deliver gigabit speeds around the country.
There's no end in sight for the fiber frenzy, so Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd. (HFCL) is building a new factory capable of making 4 million miles of fiber optic cable each year.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018
11:00 a.m. EST / 4:00 p.m. London

Interoperability and field-test procedures accelerate time to revenue and ensure good service.

As fiber moves deeper into the access network and is married with Gfast copper technology to deliver gigabit services, there are several key test considerations that ensure success.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Advantages of combining GPON and Gfast
  • Gfast features
  • GPON construction and activation test
  • Upgrading and testing for Gfast
  • Speed testing to validate service and TCP efficiency

ZTE discusses the future of broadband networks and how we can be better prepared for the challenges they will bring.
What are the hot talking points in the fixed broadband sector right now? Gigabit over copper as well as fiber, software-defined access and more, ...
Light Reading's pro-European, Berlin-lovin' editors Ray Le Maistre and Iain Morris discuss some of the hot topics from BBWF 2017, including Gfast ...
The UBB2020 community has had a great first four months thanks to a market that's on the up!
Per-Olof Gustafsson, Deputy CEO at AB Stokab, the wholesale fiber access network operator in the city of Stockholm, talks about the business case ...
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