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Bobby Vassallo
Bobby Vassallo
2/11/2020 11:43:43 AM
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Broadband boss
I was pleased to read "There's no Wireless without Wires, No 5G without Fiber, as it is a reality check for anyone believing the hype and fake news constantly fed to the public from the monopoly carriers.  The backbone for all internet needs to be/should be fiber optics.  5G, a marketing tool in 99.9 percent of the US at this point, must be tied back to this fiber backbone to hit the WWW (World Wide Web).  5G at this point is (in a few areas) only improved 4G and not promised 5G at all.

No one takes the carriers to task on fake news they spew.  Hype continues, promising faster, faster, faster.  What they don't tell you is that the carriers only run one network, generally, and the latency and jitter are cause for concern, creating issues with Office365, data backups and other cloud services.  Basically, don't expect any huge changes in services any time soon.  Maybe a couple of years.  Thank you for this sobering article.  As all roads lead to Rome, all wireless leads to fiber, 5G included.

Bobby Vassallo


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