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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 10/11/2018
Nokia released three new products in two days, with all focused on addressing pain points operators and end customers have brought to the vendor's attention: Of note, Nokia brought network slicing to fixed access networks, a capability previously available only to wireless providers, and took the wraps off a solution designed to ultimately guarantee ...
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 10/10/2018
ADTRAN integrated second-generation Gfast products into its software-defined access line card, giving service providers a new path to gigabit-capable residential speeds.
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Niall Hunt, Digital Lead, Content & Communities for KNect365, 10/9/2018
Erling Gudmundsson has a lot of things to smile about. First, there's fiber in almost every Icelandic home largely thanks to the efforts of Gagnaveita Reykjavikur (Reykjavik Fibre Network), where Erling is CEO. And for the second consecutive year, Erling has been nominated for the Broadband World Forum's annual People's Choice Award.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 10/5/2018
Recently, Angola Cables fulfilled its goal of bringing together Angola and Brazil when it opened up the newly completed South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) to commercial traffic primarily for ISPs, telecom operators, cloud service providers and over-the-top (OTT) content providers.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 10/4/2018
A swathe of Internet service provider trade groups banded together on Wednesday to sue the State of California and its new net neutrality law.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 9/28/2018
Chorus, New Zealand's largest provider of fixed-line communications infrastructure, sings a five-part harmony about transforming the customer experience, enabling people, optimizing its performance, innovating through new services and doing everything digitally.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 9/27/2018
The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday stayed close to its philosophical roots and voted unanimously to stop using Form 325, its annual collection of cable operator data such as network structure, programming, number of subscribers and system-wide capacity for all systems that supported more than 20,000 subscribers.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 9/26/2018
More excited residential, SOHO and SMB customers can text, message, call and talk over hedgerows and fences about the imminent arrival or newly deployed fiber in their town, how it will change their lives and vastly improve their business or work habits.
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Kristell Janusz, VP Network Engineering, RCN Business , , 9/25/2018
When it comes to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, numbers matter. If they're off by just a fraction, data won't add up. Neither will the measurements or the formulas. Simply put, success rides upon the numbers being right.
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By Eddy Vergauwen, Lead for Global Services Marketing at Nokia Fixed Networks, , 10/10/2018
The biggest challenge facing fixed access network operators is keeping up with exploding demand for bandwidth. The second biggest challenge is demonstrating to stakeholders how they're keeping up. Investments to increase capacity, improve operations and delight customers must bring the returns they promise. But those same investments often increase ...
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By By Eddy Vergauwen, Lead for Global Services Marketing at Nokia Fixed Networks
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Thursday, September 27, 2018
2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT

Fast, reliable broadband is essential to how we live, work and play today – and the upcoming arrival of 5G will only further increase demand and reliance on fiber infrastructure. Already viewed by consumers as intolerable, delays, outages or the regular maintenance difficulties associated with operating a network will become further exacerbated when residential subscribers further rely on connected devices for day-to-day life. Just as providers deploy network automation tools to reduce operational issues, they must take similar care to manage consumer expectations when they roll out fiber or new services. This webinar features leaders who will discuss how to manage marketing and consumer expectations at every stage of the network lifecycle. Marketing professionals, c-level executives and policymakers interested in drumming up fiber envy should attend.

ZTE discusses the future of broadband networks and how we can be better prepared for the challenges they will bring.
What are the hot talking points in the fixed broadband sector right now? Gigabit over copper as well as fiber, software-defined access and more, ...
Light Reading's pro-European, Berlin-lovin' editors Ray Le Maistre and Iain Morris discuss some of the hot topics from BBWF 2017, including Gfast ...
The UBB2020 community has had a great first four months thanks to a market that's on the up!
Per-Olof Gustafsson, Deputy CEO at AB Stokab, the wholesale fiber access network operator in the city of Stockholm, talks about the business case ...
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