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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 4/25/2018
A report on fiber's benefits conducted by a British sustainability consulting firm for CityFibre is ruffling some feathers across the pond.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 4/20/2018
This fall, a once unserved region of Georgia will have an open access, terabit-ready all-fiber network available to service providers interested in selling residential, enterprise or mobile offerings.
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Niall Hunt, Editor, 4/19/2018
The challenge of monetizing high-speed broadband was the most crucial component of operators' business strategies, a 2017 worldwide survey of service providers discovered. With even more ultra-broadband networks available today, does this issue still worry operators most -- or has another hurdle replaced it?
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Nicole McCormick, , 4/18/2018
The gigabit era has well and truly landed. Now the debate has moved beyond 1Gbit/s, 2Gbit/s and even 5Gbit/s services. Indeed, fixed broadband front-runners -- including those in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore -- already have deployed 10Gbit/s services.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 4/18/2018
Since it first rolled out the welcome mat about two years ago, Deutsche Telekom has opened its doors to the expanding ecosystem and opportunity surrounding smart homes.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 4/16/2018
ADTRAN today debuts its cloud-managed whole home mesh WiFi, an offering that could give operators the ability to improve their residential broadband services, reduce costs and upsell service enhancements to customers.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 4/13/2018
Despite competitive concerns, the UK's alternative broadband providers are projected to dramatically increase the population's connectivity -- including high-speed broadband, a new study finds.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 4/12/2018
As many parts of the world struggle with how to bring high-speed broadband to agricultural regions, a growing number of rural Iowans go online via gigabit connections.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 4/10/2018
With an acquisition budget of $1 billion, Telekom Austria could reshape the eastern European broadband market, the company CEO reportedly told media this week.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
11:00 a.m. New York / 4:00 p.m. London

IPsec is an important security technology for virtually all communication service providers (CSPs). CSP requirements for IPsec are shifting away from proprietary gateways due to cost and other factors like vendor lock-in. CSPs now require high-performance IPsec on general-propose x86 servers as this move opens up their business to more vendors, and gives them greater control of their network, at a lower cost basis. CSPs are looking for IPsec vendor solutions where they can deliver server configuration options, which achieve their requirements for deployment in the central office as well as data center environments. This webinar will discuss IPsec performance on x86 COTS servers, covering:

  1. Use cases for IPsec, including high-throughput data center interconnect, enterprise VPN and mobile backhaul
  2. How high-volume enterprise IT economics can support a new cost model for high-performance IPsec
  3. Brand-new performance test results showing IPsec on COTS can offer over 120 Gbit/s of bidirectional throughput on industry standard servers
  4. The importance of selecting the right server to ensure high performance and manageability of CSP networks whether in the CO or the DC

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