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Feds push for BGP security updates, but ISPs balk at mandates
Broadband World News  
9/19/2022   Post a comment
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a basic routing protocol used to exchange information among various networks on the Internet. Many argue it's not secure, but there's disagreement on what to do about that.
Corning, AT&T to build a new plant for fiber optical cable
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8/30/2022   Post a comment
With financial help from AT&T, Corning's plant near Phoenix is expected to open in 2024, support about 250 jobs and add critical capacity amid record demand for fiber.
Google Fiber's expansion plan hits speed bump as Vermont deal crumbles
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8/29/2022   Post a comment
Google Fiber has halted negotiations on a proposed project after determining that one of its partners could not execute on a plan to build fiber to a minimum of 42,000 homes in northwestern Vermont.
Meter wants to be the AWS of commercial connectivity
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8/26/2022   Post a comment
'We just think spaces should come with Internet infrastructure,' said Anil Varanasi, CEO of Meter, a startup with $50 million in funding to change how commercial spaces get connected.
Investor interest in fiber hot as 'open access networks' come into focus
Broadband World News  
8/22/2022   Post a comment
Jay Rolls and David Strauss of Broadband Success Partners talk industry M&A, 'open access networks,' cable's various network upgrade paths and fixed wireless access.
'Buy America' rules have broadband industry on edge
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8/8/2022   Post a comment
Many in the industry have been raising concerns about the federal government's 'Buy America' rules for subsidized broadband builds. But some also see an opportunity.
AT&T partners with Amarillo to upgrade city's network
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6/30/2022   Post a comment
Following similar public/private fiber upgrade projects in rural areas, AT&T is targeting more than 22,000 customer locations via a three-year, multi-million agreement with the Texas panhandle city.
Utility operators see a future in fiber broadband
Broadband World News  
6/21/2022   Post a comment
Panelists from utility providers joined the Fiber Broadband Association to discuss benefits of deploying fiber and where they see their role in closing the digital divide.
FBA's Deborah Kish on the economic, social and safety benefits of building fiber
Broadband World News Video  
6/16/2022   Post a comment
Deborah Kish, VP of research and workforce development at the Fiber Broadband Association, discusses the organization's research on how fiber deployments are improving communities and shares updates about OpTIC: the FBA's new fiber optic technician training program.
Netly Fiber gets terabit ready in California
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6/14/2022   Post a comment
Netly Fiber, an open access network founded in 2017, announced the completion of a two-year fiber build of its terabit-ready network in Solana Beach, California.
DZS CEO talks M&A, fiber funding and the need for 1-Gig broadband
Broadband World News Video  
6/14/2022   Post a comment
DZS CEO Charlie Vogt talks about the influx of federal broadband funding and how his company is cutting costs for service providers by giving them more visibility into their customer networks.
Four forces driving 1-Gig as 'new global standard' – report
Broadband World News  
6/13/2022   Post a comment
Consumer demand, operator technology upgrades, marketing and high levels of investment are all contributing to 1-Gig growth globally, says analyst firm Omdia.
The Divide: Why Dryden, New York, chose municipal fiber
Broadband World News Video  
6/9/2022   Post a comment
Jason Leifer, Dryden Town Supervisor; Ryan Garrison, director of technology at HUNT Engineers, Architects & Surveyors; and Gina Nienaber, director of portfolio marketing at Ciena, join the podcast to discuss Dryden Fiber: a new municipal fiber network being deployed in Tompkins County, New York.
ViaSat-3 satellite service launch slips to early 2023
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6/1/2022   Post a comment
A delay on the first of three new high-capacity satellites poised to provide global coverage will briefly push out Viasat's plan to add critical capacity to its residential satellite broadband service.
Frontier accelerates 2022 fiber buildout by up to 20%
Broadband World News  
5/23/2022   Post a comment
Revised plan is to exceed its 2022 buildout target of 1 million fiber locations by an additional 100,000 to 200,000 locations. Frontier is still on track to deploy FTTP to 10 million locations by the end of 2025.
The Divide: How rural electric co-ops like Tri-Co are closing deep broadband gaps
Broadband World News Video  
5/20/2022   Post a comment
This episode features Elizabeth Page, national sales director at Ribbon Communications, and Aaron Young, chief operating officer at Tri-Co Connections, a fiber broadband provider in rural Pennsylvania powered by Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative.
Clearfield aims to boost fiber supply with Nestor Cables acquisition
Broadband World News  
5/18/2022   Post a comment
Company execs said the $23 million acquisition fits into its strategy to invest in product manufacturing and supply.
Where does cable go from here?
Broadband World News  
5/11/2022   Post a comment
Bulls and bears are sizing up cable's future. Analysts say the 'cable broadband growth era is over' – others see opportunities with wireless the 'next leg of growth.'
Net broadband subscriber adds the 'new normal' at Frontier, CEO says
Broadband World News  
5/9/2022   Post a comment
Frontier added a record 54,000 fiber broadband subs in Q1 2022, more than enough to more than offset copper losses. Frontier posted a net gain of 20,000 total broadband subs for the period.
Adtran execs cheer for fiber, federal funds and 'effectively unlimited orders'
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5/6/2022   Post a comment
Adtran Q1 results were propelled by a 61% annual growth in its fiber access platforms and 'generationally significant' government investments in broadband, executives said on an earnings call.
Charter starts to book RDOF revenues
Jeff Baumgartner  
4/29/2022   Post a comment
Charter has sparked RDOF work in all 24 states where it won bids. The cable op booked about $19 million in RDOF revenues in Q1, and expects to have about $9 million per month come in over the next ten years.
Verizon's big fixed wireless gains mask slowing wireline broadband growth
Broadband World News  
4/25/2022   Post a comment
Verizon added 194,000 FWA subs in Q1, handily beating analyst estimates. But wireline broadband growth is slowing. With DSL losses included, Verizon added 37,000 wireline broadband subs in Q1, down from a year-ago gain of 66,000.
Fiber gains offset legacy broadband pains at AT&T
Broadband World News  
4/22/2022   Post a comment
The telco nabbed another 289,000 fiber subs in the first quarter of 2022, enough to wipe out a loss of 284,000 non-fiber broadband customers.
Google Fiber targets the rest of Des Moines
Broadband World News  
4/8/2022   Post a comment
Expansion of 1-Gig and 2-Gig fiber services will once again amp up competition with Mediacom as the incumbent cable operator embarks on its own '10G' initiative.
Frontier keeps supply-chain constraints in check as fiber build broadens
Broadband World News  
2/24/2022   Post a comment
CEO Nick Jeffery says Frontier has 'good supply resilience' as the company reiterates a plan to expand its FTTP footprint by 1 million locations in 2022, and to cover about 10 million locations by 2025.
The Divide: STL's Ankit Agarwal on what's prolonging the digital divide globally
Broadband World News Video  
2/16/2022   Post a comment
Ankit Agarwal, managing director at STL (aka, Sterlite Technologies Limited), joins the podcast to discuss STL's perspective on the digital divide based on its work delivering network solutions in over 100 countries, including what the ongoing connectivity challenges are worldwide and where government plans are making a difference.
AT&T lights up multi-gig fiber speeds in dozens of US markets
Jeff Baumgartner  
1/24/2022   Post a comment
Launch of 2-Gig and 5-Gig FTTP tiers in 70-plus markets puts more pressure on cable ops to enhance their existing DOCSIS 3.1 network or accelerate their upgrade activity centered on the new DOCSIS 4.0 specs.
Charter warns that pole access disputes could slow RDOF deployments
Jeff Baumgartner  
11/30/2021   Post a comment
Charter tells FCC that 'timely and non-discriminatory access' to utility poles is critical for RDOF buildouts. Meanwhile, Charter and an electrical co-op don't see eye-to-eye on a pole-related issue that has surfaced in Kentucky.
Broadband Bites: California picks first projects for open-access network
Broadband World News  
11/19/2021   Post a comment
Also in today's roundup: US broadband growth back to pre-pandemic levels; Nokia, Earthlink building broadband backbone in Iraq; Openreach passes 6 million with fiber; FCC proposes spectrum-sharing incentive program.
Consolidated boots up 'Fidium Fiber' brand as network upgrades expand
Jeff Baumgartner  
11/15/2021   Post a comment
Launched in parts of northern New England, the new brand offering features symmetrical 1-Gig service starting at $70 per year paired with a whole-home Wi-Fi platform powered by Plume.
Frontier's fiber build ramps to a record, but revenues fall short in Q3
Jeff Baumgartner  
11/3/2021   Post a comment
Frontier added a record 185,000 new fiber locations in Q3. The company's stock rose despite a revenue miss, illustrating the weight investors are putting into Frontier's aggressive FTTP buildout strategy.
Google Fiber rolls 2-Gig broadband to San Antonio
Jeff Baumgartner  
10/20/2021   Post a comment
Expansion in that market makes the $100 per month offering available to all of Google Fiber's FTTP markets. Google Fiber's fixed wireless 'Webpass' markets still max out at 1 Gbit/s.
Vecima first out of the chute with standardized 'GAP' node
Jeff Baumgartner  
10/18/2021   Post a comment
The Entra EN9000, a node based on SCTE standards for the Generic Access Platform, will be ready for lab tests in 1H 2022. GAP nodes will enable MSOs to snap in service modules for HFC, PON and wireless access services.
Omdia's Julie Kunstler on what's going on with PON
Broadband World News Video  
10/15/2021   Post a comment
Julie Kunstler discusses developments in passive optical networks and why operators are turning to PON to reduce 5G small cell transport costs, and to support their own 'green' initiatives.
GlobalData's Emir Halilovic: How PON, SD-WAN have changed the enterprise market
Broadband World News Video  
10/14/2021   Post a comment
GlobalData Principal Analyst Emir Halilovic discusses the changes in enterprise PON connectivity that have been unlocked by SD-WAN.
Adtran's Ronan Kelly: PON's potential paves way for progress
Broadband World News Video  
10/13/2021   Post a comment
Ronan Kelly, Adtran's CTO for its EMEA & APAC regions, discusses the future of GPON as so many other PON variants are battling for the hearts, minds and wallets of network operators around the world.
Comcast touts progress on DOCSIS 4.0
Jeff Baumgartner  
10/12/2021   Post a comment
With a near-term focus on integration, Comcast engineering exec Rob Howald says the operator's virtual CMTS now 'speaks' DOCSIS 4.0 as the company pushes ahead with deployments of a distributed access architecture.
Facebook touts advancements in connectivity
Jeff Baumgartner  
10/7/2021   Post a comment
Facebook Connectivity provided updates on a set of projects, including the deployment of subsea cables, its 'Bombyx' fiber-building robot and Terragraph, a fixed wireless system that uses unlicensed millimeter wave spectrum.
Frontier, Ziply Fiber secure more funds for fiber buildouts
Jeff Baumgartner  
10/4/2021   Post a comment
Frontier announced plans to offer $1 billion in notes to back its ambitious fiber build just days after Ziply Fiber raised $350 million in debt funding to do pretty much the same.
Frontier sees long upgrade path for XGS-PON
Jeff Baumgartner  
9/24/2021   Post a comment
The XGS-PON platform Frontier selected from Nokia is upgradable to 25-Gig PON 'with basically an optics change,' says Scott Mispagel, Frontier's SVP of national architecture and engineering.
Frontier sizes up 10-Gig future with XGS-PON rollout
Jeff Baumgartner  
9/23/2021   Post a comment
Frontier has hooked up with Nokia to connect about 100,000 homes to XGS-PON technology amid a grander plan to have FTTP deployed to 10 million locations by the end of 2025.
AT&T may go even bigger with fiber
Jeff Baumgartner  
9/22/2021   Post a comment
AT&T CEO John Stankey has challenged his execs to explore what it would take to expand AT&T's plan to build FTTP to 30 million locations by 2025. 'Execution and performance' is all that stands in the way, he says.
Infrastructure bill presents 'monumental and transformative' phase for DZS, CEO says
Jeff Baumgartner  
8/23/2021   Post a comment
While the minimum speeds supported by the broadband piece of the $1 trillion US infrastructure bill sets the bar too low, it will power a new wave of fiber-based services, Charlie Vogt says.
Frontier unleashes faster fiber buildout plan
Jeff Baumgartner  
8/6/2021   Post a comment
After ending 2021 with 4 million fiber locations passed, a new 'Wave 2' plan will have Frontier deploy FTTP to another 6 million locations by the end of 2025. But the company is not yet fully funded to pull it off.
Adtran wrestles with supply and demand conundrum
Jeff Baumgartner  
8/5/2021   Post a comment
Orders are flowing, but ongoing supply chain constraints are applying pressure on the speed at which product can be shipped. 'It's all about supply. It's not about demand,' says Adtran CEO Tom Stanton.
DZS's record Q2 sales tempered by near-term supply chain headwinds
Jeff Baumgartner  
8/3/2021   Post a comment
But supply chain constraints won't impair company's long-term biz model and margin targets as DZS fields an influx of RFPs for fiber, mobile transport and network orchestration products, CEO Charlie Vogt says.
Govt.-backed broadband programs will drive big bucks, but take time, Calix CEO says
Jeff Baumgartner  
7/27/2021   Post a comment
Proposed infrastructure bills along with RDOF are poised to 'uplift our entire model' rather that serve as a simple 'pull forward of boxes,' Carl Russo says.
FCC authorizes batch of RDOF funding amid action to 'clean up' program
Broadband World News  
7/27/2021   Post a comment
FCC sends letters to almost 200 winning phase I auction winners that offers a chance to pull funding requests from areas that are already served by broadband or viewed as possibly wasteful.
Comcast redeploys ROADM analyzers to check health of expanding fiber access network
Broadband World News  
7/23/2021   Post a comment
Venk Mutalik, a Comcast engineer, spearheaded 'XMF,' a new monitoring platform that greatly accelerates the operator's ability to keep tabs on its fiber access network and pinpoint fiber cuts.
The yin and yang of DAA
Broadband World News  
6/29/2021   Post a comment
Employing a distributed access architecture for HFC networks presents cable ops with a mélange of challenges and benefits, network operators and vendors say.
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Charter has sparked RDOF work in all 24 states where it won bids. The cable op booked about $19 million in RDOF revenues in Q1, and expects to have about $9 million per month come in over the next ten years.
As we have for the past two years, Light Reading will stage the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies conference as a free digital event over two half-days in mid-March.
Launch of 2-Gig and 5-Gig FTTP tiers in 70-plus markets puts more pressure on cable ops to enhance their existing DOCSIS 3.1 network or accelerate their upgrade activity centered on the new DOCSIS 4.0 specs.
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