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T-Mobile and Verizon's fixed wireless aggression doesn't add up analyst
Jeff Baumgartner  
1/12/2022   Post a comment
MoffettNathanson questions whether mobile operators will have the network capacity and the right business metrics to back their aggressive stance and forecasts for fixed wireless home broadband.
Kwikbit to expand wireless broadband across six states
Industry Announcements  
1/4/2022   Post a comment
Deployments set for Texas, Louisiana, Michigan and throughout California in Q1 2022.
What we learned about the digital divide this year
Broadband World News  
12/30/2021   Post a comment
Key takeaways on industry infighting, muni networks, maps and more from 42 episodes of The Divide podcast.
Rural broadband report talks up fiber, funding and supply constraints
Broadband World News  
12/23/2021   Post a comment
Here are five of the most interesting things from the NTCA's recent survey and report on broadband availability in rural America.
Verizon's mmWave 5G deployment continues to polarize
Broadband World News  
12/17/2021   Post a comment
Verizon's mmWave 5G network, part of its home broadband strategy, is either meeting its 'intended purpose' or faces 'low success' in achieving significant profitability, depending on which study you read.
The 'full fiber' vs. 'tech neutral' debate heats up in US
Broadband World News  
12/16/2021   Post a comment
Industry groups and policy advocates alike are sharpening their arguments for which technologies should be involved in closing the US digital divide.
Here's what the industry wants from the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program
Broadband World News  
12/15/2021   Post a comment
In public FCC filings, industry groups and ISPs provided input for how the new affordability subsidy, funded through the infrastructure bill, should be implemented and structured.
Duck River Electric joins Project Unite to speed broadband deployment in Tennessee
Industry Announcements  
12/10/2021   Post a comment
Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) and United Communications are collaborating to expand broadband access to underserved areas across Middle Tennessee.
Starry now deploying network tech in 24GHz band
Industry Announcements  
12/9/2021   Post a comment
Starry is now manufacturing and deploying its next-generation network technology for use in the 24GHz band.
Frontier quietly looks to expand CBRS fixed wireless biz
Broadband World News  
12/2/2021   Post a comment
'In some cases, we use fixed wireless technology to deliver broadband to a small portion of our customer base in rural communities,' the company acknowledged in response to questions.
What's the story? The $22 billion Andromeda spectrum auction
Broadband World News  
11/29/2021   Post a comment
On this episode, we talk with Light Reading's Mike Dano about all things spectrum auctions, including the 'Andromeda' auction, which just wrapped up with $22 billion in bids. We also get into broadband mapping and how spectrum could be used to tackle the digital divide.
Wireless industry report says 5G FWA could connect 43% of rural US
Broadband World News  
11/23/2021   Post a comment
A new industry report from Accenture, commissioned by CTIA, the wireless industry association, makes the case for serving the rural US with fixed wireless, noting that with billions available for broadband, it's 'key to acknowledge that 5G FWA is a future-proof technology.'
Fixed wireless, LEO satellite broadband best suited for unserved and underserved areas study
Jeff Baumgartner  
11/22/2021   Post a comment
Performance data from Comlinkdata/Tutela indicate that T-Mobile Home Broadband and Starlink are as good as VDSL, stomp on DSL, but generally fall short of terrestrial HFC and fiber services.
5G FWA could serve nearly half of US rural households – study
Industry Announcements  
11/18/2021   Post a comment
5G FWA services could serve 8.4 million rural households with a 'future-proof,' rapidly deployable and cost-effective high-speed broadband option, says Accenture study commissioned by CTIA.
Multiple forces fueling broadband's 'Great Deceleration' analyst
Jeff Baumgartner  
11/18/2021   Post a comment
Competition, depressed household formation, government stimulus dollars and the saturation of broadband penetration are all affecting the rate of broadband subscriber growth, says MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett.
US broadband growth returns to pre-pandemic levels in Q3 LRG
Industry Announcements  
11/17/2021   Post a comment
Top US cable operators and telcos added 630,000 subs in Q3 2021, down from 1.52 million in Q3 2020, and up slightly from 615,000 in Q3 2019, according to Leichtman Research Group.
Fiber Broadband Association makes case for symmetrical speeds in new report
Broadband World News  
11/16/2021   Post a comment
The study, conducted by market research firm RVA, hints at talking points for fiber providers as federal and state agencies prepare to distribute funds for new broadband networks.
WeLink expands FWA in Las Vegas and Phoenix
Broadband World News  
11/10/2021   Post a comment
Company leaders wouldn't reveal current subscriber numbers but said that they are pleased with WeLink's performance so far.
Blue Danube delivers broadband from stratosphere in test launch
Industry Announcements  
11/8/2021   Post a comment
Blue Danube's BeamCraft 500 was launched and operated on an unmanned stratospheric platform as part of a project in New Mexico led by Sceye.
US House passes Biden's infrastructure bill with $65B for broadband
Broadband World News  
11/8/2021   Post a comment
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act contains the federal government's largest investment in broadband, as well as key provisions around affordability and digital equity.
FCC appoints WISPA's Louis Peraertz to CEDC
Industry Announcements  
11/3/2021   Post a comment
The CEDC is presently led by Chair Heather Gate and Deputy Chairs Nicol Turner-Lee and Susan Au Allen. Peraertz will effectuate the CEDC's mission for a term of two years.
Shentel halts fixed wireless buildout in favor of fiber
Broadband World News  
11/1/2021   Post a comment
Earlier this year, Shentel disclosed plans to cover up to 215,000 households with its Beam-branded fixed wireless Internet service. Now it's halting those plans and will instead build out fiber.
Verizon, Amazon to integrate LEO satellites with 5G
Broadband World News  
10/29/2021   Post a comment
The first offering from the new partnership will backhaul Verizon's cell sites through Amazon's LEO satellites, allowing Verizon to offer fixed wireless Internet services in unconnected rural areas.
Redzone completes wireless broadband pilot in Maine
Industry Announcements  
10/27/2021   Post a comment
Redzone completes two-month pilot project in Rockland, Maine, to field-test a new broadband wireless technology developed by Tarana Wireless.
Ting Internet acquires Simply Bits
Industry Announcements  
10/18/2021   Post a comment
Strategic acquisition of established network opens new market opportunities for Ting in Arizona.
New Federated Wireless program to accelerate shared spectrum availability
Industry Announcements  
10/13/2021   Post a comment
New tools, support and incentives enable WISPs to provide reliable wireless services in areas challenged to deliver Internet access.
Adtran debuts 60GHz mmWave mesh solution
Industry Announcements  
10/13/2021   Post a comment
New Adtran MetNet 60GHz Gen 2 Mesh Node to deliver on business case for gigabit fixed wireless for urban and hard-to-connect rural locations.
SkyPacket expands fixed wireless service in Allegany County
Industry Announcements  
10/1/2021   Post a comment
New high-speed broadband is now available in previously underserved parts of Allegany County, Maryland, from SkyPacket Networks.
Federated Wireless brings CBRS network to Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
Industry Announcements  
9/29/2021   Post a comment
Federated Wireless brings CBRS network online in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to deliver service to the region's WISPs and MNOs.
Shentel expands Beam Internet service in Virginia
Industry Announcements  
9/28/2021   Post a comment
Shenandoah Telecommunications Company ('Shentel') expands its beam Internet service to New Canton, Virginia, and Ruckersville, Virginia.
ISPs suffer losses and make plans in face of climate crisis
Broadband World News  
9/16/2021   Post a comment
A worsening climate crisis that has exacted a toll on cables, fiber lines and wireless towers is making clear how vulnerable that critical infrastructure is.
Ericsson, Mediacom partner to deliver FWA in rural US
Industry Announcements  
8/31/2021   Post a comment
The Ericsson RAN solutions allow Mediacom to offer FWA high-speed Internet services up to nine miles from each tower location.
Nokia, Safaricom, UNICEF connect primary schools to the Internet across Kenya
Industry Announcements  
8/17/2021   Post a comment
Deployment of Nokia FastMile 4G FWA broadband connects 90 primary schools in primarily rural and disadvantaged urban areas.
Fixed wireless to provide nearly 200M connections by 2026
Industry Announcements  
8/16/2021   Post a comment
Mobile Experts has just released a new report forecasting significant growth for fixed wireless access (FWA) connections through 2026.
Anterix, Federated Wireless to offer integrated 900MHz/CBRS services for utility broadband networks
Industry Announcements  
8/11/2021   Post a comment
The new offering will facilitate utility access to a multi-band solution for grid communications deployment.
ABI Research: 5G FWA fastest-growing residential broadband segment
Industry Announcements  
8/11/2021   Post a comment
ABI Research reports 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) will be the fastest-growing residential broadband segment, exceeding 58 million subscribers in 2026.
Congress may ask for 100Mbit/s download speeds in 'underserved' areas
Broadband World News  
7/29/2021   Post a comment
The draft of the broadband section of the new infrastructure bill seems to show that Congress is gently moving the goalposts on what qualifies as an adequately served broadband community.
O2 invests in unWired Broadband
Industry Announcements  
7/27/2021   Post a comment
O2 Investment Partners announced today that it has made a significant investment in fixed wireless service provider unWired Broadband.
Groups lobby for last-minute input on broadband bill
Broadband World News  
7/20/2021   Post a comment
Fiber and fixed-wireless orgs seek to have their say over speed mandates in bipartisan broadband bill.
Alaska Communications debuts 1Gbit/s service
Industry Announcements  
7/20/2021   Post a comment
AKXinternet is a mesh fixed wireless solution offering 1Gbit/s download speeds and up to 100Mbit/s upload speeds.
400+ WISP industry companies tell Congress to keep funding bill tech neutral
Industry Announcements  
7/16/2021   Post a comment
WISPA organized the letter for its members, which include community-based and tribal providers of fixed wireless-hybrid broadband solutions.
Alaska Communications to deliver 1Gbit/s speeds with FWA from Cambium
Industry Announcements  
7/15/2021   Post a comment
Alaska Communications is launching service with speeds up to 1 Gbit/s to 6,500 homes and businesses.
EOLO and TIM strengthen alliance to provide FWA services in 'white areas'
Industry Announcements  
7/13/2021   Post a comment
A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed for EOLO to provide wholesale fixed wireless access services for TIM customers.
SkyPacket expands FWA broadband in Pennsylvania
Industry Announcements  
7/7/2021   Post a comment
SkyPacket is a multi-state, fixed wireless access (FWA) provider that has expanded its service territory in Central Pennsylvania.
Broadband Bites: Starry and Microsoft team up in Detroit
Broadband World News  
6/11/2021   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: the latest on broadband bipartisanship in DC; new laws in Vermont and Virginia; broadband equipment spending is up, says Dell'Oro.
Ireland's eir introduces 5G Broadband
Industry Announcements  
6/2/2021   Post a comment
Ireland's leading telecommunications company, eir, has introduced 5G Broadband a new 5G fixed mobile substitution (FMS) product.
DZS ready to play 'long ball' on network convergence
Jeff Baumgartner  
5/13/2021   Post a comment
With integrations and recent acquisitions now behind it, DZS outlines a vision touching mobile transport, broadband access and network virtualization.
WISPA joins EducationSuperHighway to bring Internet to at-risk students
Industry Announcements  
5/12/2021   Post a comment
WISPA partners with EducationSuperHighway to support its K-12 Bridge to Broadband Program to get at-risk students connected to the Internet.
Nokia to supply 5G FWA equipment to Ooredoo Kuwait
Industry Announcements  
5/3/2021   Post a comment
Ooredoo is using fixed wireless to extend the reach of its fiber network to premises not easily connected with direct fiber lines.
Cambium releases new switches for multi-gigabit fixed wireless providers
Industry Announcements  
4/29/2021   Post a comment
Single box solution with automated configuration and reduced cabling requirements simplifies tower deployment and improves efficiency.
WISPs fighting to be seen as 'future proof'
Broadband World News  
4/27/2021   Post a comment
With billions for broadband at stake, fixed wireless providers are pushing back against the notion that only fiber is 'future proof.'
BBWN Bites: 77% of Americans can access 'low-priced' broadband report
Broadband World News  
4/23/2021   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Orange MEA sees big Q1 broadband growth; Fibrehop expands with CityFibre; Talk Straight taps ADTRAN for fixed wireless; Verizon reports Q1 Fios numbers.
Talk Straight leverages ADTRAN's fixed wireless solution for UK broadband
Industry Announcements  
4/22/2021   Post a comment
ISP builds new revenue stream and quickly extends gigabit connectivity to broadband-starved residents.
Stakeholders tell Congress it could cost $150B to get broadband to rural US
Broadband World News  
4/20/2021   Post a comment
But they caution that such estimates are based on bad mapping data, which likely understates the country's broadband gap.
Kwikbit to deliver wireless broadband to Los Angeles County Boys and Girls Clubs
Industry Announcements  
4/20/2021   Post a comment
Wireless provider Kwikbit is working with Los Angeles County Boys and Girls Clubs to address the digital divide.
Alpha Wireless equips Nextlink to accelerate broadband across midwestern US
Industry Announcements  
4/6/2021   Post a comment
The large-scale, private LTE network deployment using the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum helps Nextlink reduce the costs of rural broadband provision while increasing performance.
BBWN Bites: 300-plus providers to participate in Emergency Broadband Benefit Program
Broadband World News  
4/2/2021   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: Trussville, Alabama, gets gigabit; Maryland commits $300 million to broadband; Texas senate bill would create broadband department; industry groups respond to Biden's $100 billion fund for broadband.
US Ignite, NSF name 7 'Project Overcome' winners to take on the digital divide
Broadband World News  
3/30/2021   Post a comment
US Ignite and the NSF announced winning projects of Project Overcome, a $2.7 million effort to accelerate broadband delivery to underserved communities using novel solutions.
BBWN Bites: Path to gigabit not 'one-size-fits-all,' says WISPA
Broadband World News  
3/26/2021   Post a comment
Also in this roundup: MTA, ICA want FCC to reject LTD; Cincinnati Bell signs fiber deal with Boone County, Kentucky; OneWeb launches 36 satellites; Virgin Media, Openreach announce fiber accomplishments.
Podcast The Divide: WISPA's Claude Aiken on tech-neutral solutions
Broadband World News Video  
3/4/2021   Post a comment
This week, Claude Aiken, president and CEO of WISPA, on the role of small providers in closing the digital divide and why solutions and policies need to be tech neutral.

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Ziply Fiber, an operator that tangles with Comcast and Charter, has launched two multi-gigabit tiers in 60 urban areas, aiming for all markets by Q2 2022.
Elon Musk's nascent broadband will need to radically accelerate the rate of satellite launches and navigate tricky supply chain logistics if it's going to come close to fulfilling its global ambition.
MoffettNathanson questions whether mobile operators will have the network capacity and the right business metrics to back their aggressive stance and forecasts for fixed wireless home broadband.
With early lab trials, a first wave of interoperability testing and collaborations between key suppliers, DOCSIS 4.0 made significant progress in 2021, even as deployments remain well out on the horizon.
Charter tells FCC that 'timely and non-discriminatory access' to utility poles is critical for RDOF buildouts. Meanwhile, Charter and an electrical co-op don't see eye-to-eye on a pole-related issue that has surfaced in Kentucky.
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11:00 a.m. New York / 4:00 p.m. London

The demand for high-speed broadband services and hyperconnectivity has driven massive surges in network data usage like never before. Due to this trend, the networks of communications service providers (CSPs) are increasingly overburdened. Service providers need to optimize their networks to scale service delivery efficiently, while maximizing the opportunity to innovate at a rapid pace.

Learn how cloud-native containerized solutions can position CSP networks for long-term evolution and sustainable growth. Hear practical steps and flexible options for implementing a cloud-native PON solution in your network. Discover how to maximize operational resources and make way for enhanced applications, innovations and new use cases.

Topics to be covered include:

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