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Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading, 8/13/2018
Sensing an opportunity for growth in the wake of a disaster, Liberty Latin America is seeking to stoke bigger broadband gains as some of its territories recover from last year's devastating hurricanes.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 8/13/2018
Long known for its use of microwave backhaul, Sprint increasingly leverages fiber to support its 5G vision -- a vital step in the move to disrupt rural services, reclaim a foothold in the enterprise and help vertical markets reinvent themselves, according to CTO John Saw.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 8/10/2018
With the launch of an aggregation line card for the AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System, Calix is aiming to give service providers a way to more efficiently combine traffic from remote systems and reduce the number of required router ports at the service edge, thereby reducing network capex and increasing operational efficiencies.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 8/9/2018
Openreach is prepped to deploy fiber-to-the-premises to City of London businesses -- but only if landlords in the so-called "Square Mile" (London's financial district) give the wholesale provider permission, something an alarming number apparently have not yet done.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 8/8/2018
Competitors Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone Germany expanded their use of vectoring to reach potential subscribers unable to access their respective high-speed fiber networks, part of the two providers' ongoing battle for supremacy in the European nation.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 8/8/2018
A more diverse customer base, growing product sales and more cloud-based services propelled Calix's quarterly profits to their highest level in two years, as the vendor announced its second-quarter results on Tuesday.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 8/7/2018
Call it news everyone knew: The Federal Communications Commission on Monday reported that a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack did not bring the website down during the net neutrality public comments period. Rather, it was the sheer volume of consumer posts.
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Alison Diana, Editor, Broadband World News, 8/6/2018
To compete with heavyweight competitors like Amazon and Google in the battle for homeowners' hearts and wallets, telcos must break free of their traditional business models, focus on smart home platforms and be more creative in how they deliver and charge for services, concludes ABI Research.
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Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading, 8/6/2018
Now that it's given its 1 Gig service tryouts on the road, Altice USA is bringing the service home to New York for its Broadway debut.
Huawei, , 7/2/2018
Huawei's optical networks have gone through three generations, from 2.5Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s to 40Gbit/s, before finally achieving good market share in 2008. However, they still have a higher goal: In the era of 100Gbit/s and beyond, Huawei will provide customers with industry-leading solutions.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018
12:00pm New York / 5:00pm London

Think about it: The access network touches every single one of your subscribers. Devices in the subscriber network are getting smarter because processing power has increased, and costs have come down. But how does the proliferation of intelligent devices at the edge affect your network? Your first thought is likely increased demand for bandwidth. True, but have you thought about how the increase in devices creates a need for a more secure network? Learn how you can simplify your network, reduce network elements and create a more secure network in the process.

ZTE discusses the future of broadband networks and how we can be better prepared for the challenges they will bring.
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